I love Reiki, offering Reiki to others, and teaching Reiki! It is my personal path as well as my full time work. The peace and light often shining through the face of Clients after receiving Reiki and Students experiencing the beautiful spiritual energy is such inspiration! The comment I hear most often from Clients and Students is, “That was amazing!”

The lineage of my gifted teachers include both Western styles of Reiki, and the Japanese Art of Reiki. With Western style, my experience has been more focused in the amazing practice of using healing touch for helping others as well as self care. With the more original Japanese Art of Reiki, my practice and experiences are in beautiful meditations and practices to continually unite and deepen my Inner Resources and humanness. The practices and meditations allow for consciously connecting me with the Divine and within myself, bringing balance, alignment, grounding, space, clarity, guidance and wisdom. Experiencing both Western and Japanese origins, continues to enhance my personal and professional Reiki experience, and the inner and outer adventures of Clients, Students and myself, oh how I continue to be amazed!

I have been fortunate to study with gifted local and international Reiki teachers and mentors, including William Rand (western style of Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki), Frans and Bronwen Stiene (Japanese art of Reiki), Taggart King (Japanese art of Reiki) and Pamela Miles (daily self-care through Reiki, and Reiki in medicine).

Originally I started learning Reiki to help a beloved one in my family. Reiki helped lessen and alleviate pain, and bring much needed inner rest for my loved one. I hadn’t thought of it so much then for myself, except when I’d get hurt. I remember one Thanksgiving cooking and getting a burn on my finger. I used Reiki for myself, and within moments the burn, pain and redness were completely gone. I was amazed and thought how cool this was. But it wasn’t until a couple years later that I really called on Reiki to help with my own challenges of too long experiencing life stresses and exhaustion and heightened sensitivity to more stress. For awhile I simply received Reiki, and began to gain more inner rest, peace, strength and more balanced energy and confidence in body and mind. I was beginning to see a fresh, bigger picture, and wanted to go deeper in learning and experiencing Reiki, as well as delight in noticing nature again. Gratitude and enjoyment began growing again, but in a much more quiet, calmer way. And not on purpose or thinking about it, it was simply, naturally just happening. I was positively surprised. I’d been meditating since early teenage, but this was easier :).

My Father said I was born asking the question, “What is the meaning and purpose of life?” 🙂 For as long as I can remember, I felt something greater, more than explainable with words or the intellect, vast though everywhere, beautiful, positive and bigger than the sun and beyond all the stars, and within me and all of life. I also loved to dance, mostly ballet and jazz! And for as long as I can remember I loved studying spiritual matters, including meditation and yoga. I’d wanted to be a Rabbi and a ballerina :).

My all time favorite “job” is being a Mom and Gram! Being with Loved ones, Reiki and helping others have more inner peace, and healthy and happy lives are my pure Joy!!

Before coming to Reiki, or Reiki coming to me :), I was a Spiritual Caregiver (non religious Chaplain) for a wonderful large hospice for 19 years. In our intense Chaplain residency at the Cleveland Clinic, we began learning the life long skill of simply being present with another, wherever the person was at, emotionally, mentally, in any challenge; and seeing their inner selves, their beautiful essence, as well as with empathy, understanding, compassion and love. We were learning to listen and see with the heart. I found I was simply falling in love with people, all people, on a whole new level.

And each person I was privileged to be with as they were making their Transition, though I valued whatever their beliefs, no matter what their beliefs, each was surrounded in this incredible, palpable, Grace-filled energy! And I was greatly, humbly privileged to get “splashes of this Grace”. I was also very Grateful to work with many people with diverse experiences and perspectives. For over 25 years I’ve been Blessed to work with folks experiencing varying degrees of severe to mild physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relationship issues. I have definitely received more than given.

Reiki was instrumental in helping me recover from a severe health challenge. Through regularly receiving, learning and practicing, I could feel these beautiful subtle energies as I’d known before in my spiritual path, were becoming increasingly refined. Whole new worlds were opening up within me!! And the Adventures never end :))!! I love Reiki and what it can do and the “tailor-made” amazing Adventures it opens…for me and synergistically together!! Really Fun :))!!

On being more authentic…
In our world, for better and for challenge :), with stresses, expectations, habits of thinking and doing, contrasts of likes and dislikes…even wanting to please and help others…Reiki has helped me to connect, hear and be more true to the experiences of my own inner being, and harmonious Guidance and Compassion, for a more harmonious, balanced life and relationships.

I still dance, but mostly in the kitchen 🙂 ????????

Janice is a member of the Reiki Membership Association of the International Reiki Center for Training that requires adherence to a Code of Ethics and consistency through Standards of Practice. For more information about the IRCT please visit www.reiki.org