Frequently Asked Questions

Reiki is a Japanese method for relaxation for body and mind, a deeper re-connection with your Inner Resources, release and decrease of unwanted habits (i.e. worry, upset, reactions, etc.), and a greater natural openness of your Inner Beautiful Bright Light.
Reiki is both a (“living”) word, as well as a path for happiness, health and well-being. Reiki, pronounced ray key, is a Japanese method of relaxation and healing, and greater wellness for body and mind. Rei meaning spiritual, sacred, the Universe, Beautiful Great Bright Light, The Divine. Ki (Qi or Chi in Chinese, and Prana in Indian) meaning Life Force Energy.

Like a river that is clearing debris and running smoothly, Reiki gently yet powerfully helps to clear the mind and body (inner healing, alignment and coming back into your own balance), so your Essence, your Beautiful Bright Light can shine and flow freely in your Life.

Reiki is like a beautiful sparkling river for our mind and body. At times debris falls into the river (“ways and worries of the world”), sometimes small, sometimes larger. As more debris accumulates, it inhibits the free flowing of the beautiful river. The method of Reiki removes more and more debris (transforming unwanted negative energy) so you can flow in your life more freely, more connected and with clarity to your constant inner resources. This brings a wonderful sense of well being, inner freedom, coming home to yourself and throughout your precious life.

Reiki can best be understood from a direct experience, sort of like a favorite food

A Reiki treatment is a very relaxing experience, similar to a wonderful meditation (tho you can simply relax and receive :). Many people describe it as a feeling of well-being and wholeness, “like I’m home” …a deep inner peace and ease, grounding and spaciousness, as well as more clarity, heightened positive awareness and focus, realignment and more freedom in mind, perceptions and body.

A Reiki session is tailored for you.

In the beginning of a session we might talk for a few minutes about what you might want, or any areas of concern. And if it’s your first Reiki session, I share about what to expect and answer any questions, so you feel comfortable. The Client then lies on a padded (cushiony) Reiki or massage table, or sits in a chair, or a zero-gravity chair, whatever is most comfortable for you, fully clothed, though shoes are usually removed.

The environment is quiet and peaceful, with relaxing music and soft lighting. Your comfort is most important.

As the Practitioner, I “tune into” the Reiki. I usually begin this part of the session using a short guided relaxation for you. Then offering Reiki, Sacred Life Force Energy through Reiki techniques including tenohira (Palm or hand Healing). The Practitioner lays her (or his) hands lightly on or above specific energy centers throughout the Client’s body, often focusing on the head first, for the mind. As well as any areas of concern.

About 10 minutes before the session is finished, time is allowed for you to integrate your experience, as well as process and receive feedback if you would like. A bottle of water is offered, to help you continue any clearing, releasing, and transforming and raising positive energy flow.

A full Reiki session is 70 minutes.

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Reiki is not a religion. Reiki is often associated with healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. People come to Reiki with all beliefs, and, Reiki requires no beliefs.

Reiki is profoundly spiritual but not religious, and supports whatever your highest beliefs are for yourself and all. The Sacred Life Force energy enhances relationships, empowerment, harmony, connection, uniqueness, groundedness, strength, as well as clarity and spaciousness, vitality as well as rest and balance. And it becomes more and more natural, revealing more of our great bright light within.

You know how when you’re so enjoying an experience, and you just want it to last? Say you’re around positive people you really enjoy being with, you might begin to feel better, or if you were feeling good, now you feel great. Or say you’re in moments of really experiencing being happy and at peace in your Life (even with challenges). It’s all your own experience, and yet there seems to be a synergy of happiness and well-being. It’s as if we’ve “Attuned” to a Higher Vibration. In a similar way the trained Reiki Practitioner does not direct the energy, rather she or he is more like a conduit for the Spiritual Life Force Energy. The Client’s own Spiritual Life Force Energy (ReiKi, Ling Qi, Prana) is gently “awakened” and “tuned in”. Then, beyond feeling relaxed or good, once you experience this awakening, during a Reiki treatment or practice, for reasons not yet understood by science, a healing mechanism within the body and mind is also released.
The practice of Reiki has roots in many ancient practices (such as Qigong). The system of Reiki as we know it today is more modern. In the early 1900’s Mikao Usui, a gentleman who lived in Japan, was in a very devoted search for Enlightenment. After deep seeking, study, and arduous practices and experiences, he “received” an awakening. In readily being able to help others who were suffering and wanting healing in body and/or mind, or, to simply “receive” Reiki, Mikao Usui evolved a simple system, or method, that each person uniquely received what fit for them, yet was easy for anyone to learn. And through practice helps to naturally sustain, maintain and profoundly and beautifully evolve within each person. Until only about 75 years ago, Reiki was a daily practice in Japan by over 1 million people, it was a natural part of life.
Reiki, this spiritually guided life force energy, has never been reported to cause harm, rather healing and well-being for mind and body, for happiness and well-being in all areas of life. Reiki is very beneficial for anyone, regardless of circumstances, lifestyle, age or beliefs.
Yes. Reiki is very beneficial as a complementary source of physical, medical or psychological treatment. Reiki can lessen unwanted side effects of medications, as well as assist the body and mind’s healing along with the medication or treatment.

Reiki has also been shown to benefit before, during and after surgery, supporting a quicker, more thorough healing recovery for the body as well as the mind. Reiki is offered in many hospitals, wellness centers and spas, and other settings including hospices and nursing facilities.

Everyone is unique, so what might fit for one person might be different for another. If there is a greater need, treatment might be once a week until wellness has been more sustained, then every other week or once a month to continue supporting well-being.

Maintaining overall wellness, or wanting to simply improve wellness, once a month or every few months could be the right fit.

One of the benefits of learning Reiki for yourself or a loved one, is that you can receive Reiki on a daily basis, very easily. Many folks (including myself 🙂 wake up and go to sleep receiving, or being in the ReiKi. It’s a beautiful way to start the day, and helps to ease into self caring, nurturing, restorative sleep.

Yes! Anyone can learn. Reiki is very simple and natural to learn, yet quite a profound path. Though Reiki is not religious, it is a spiritual practice. Many describe it as beautiful and profound! Reiki can be practiced alone, with others, for your loved ones, pets, and plants, and through time and distance. Learning Reiki complements and supports your own beliefs and other practices. Learning to practice Reiki is also very beneficial in relationships, and enriching in your work, as well as bringing clarity and a fresh perspective to daily life and situations.

Learning, practicing and deepening your Reiki experience is like an exciting adventure, continually finding more jewels, more treasures within and all around!

Once you are “tuned in” to this beautiful subtle Sacred energy within and all around you, there is an awakening that enriches all of Life! Please, come find out for yourself!

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