Reiki First Degree Training Course

An amazing inner adventure that deeply supports and connects you with life!

Live Online through the Atma Center

Anyone can learn Reiki!


Course Basics

Reiki is developed through pure, direct experience. Reiki First Degree Course is very practical. Materials are a Reiki First Degree Manual; your choice of CD, audible or MP3; handouts and more that are mailed to you. During and after the Course, these can be used as reference for the teachings, techniques, meditations and practices.

The Course is experienced over 8 weeks. This is to give you time to practice, and to begin experiencing and integrating what you’re learning and skills developing, as well as finding your own evolving way in your practice.

At the end of the Course you will receive certification for completing Reiki First Degree. As well as the knowledge, techniques, empowerments/attunements, skills, experiences, practices and confidence to use Reiki for your self care and throughout your life.

Ongoing support after the course…

I welcome you always to contact me, to share, and to ask questions as they arise.
Ongoing contact with others in the Course if you’d like.
Recordings of each class for your personal reference.
Reiki Daily Practices and Routine (continuing to evolve as you’re guided within), that you’ll learn and practice during the Course for supporting health and happiness, working with and getting to know and refine more personally the Reiki energy, and growing and enriching your practice and every area of your Life.
Reiki materials from your Course, including Reiki First Degree Manual, The Art of Reiki book, audio of techniques and meditations you’ve learned during the Course, handout and more.

Online Reiki Practice Day Classes are an enjoyable, supportive way to continue practicing and deepening your Reiki meditations, techniques, skills and practices you learned during the Course. A safe space to share with each other and to ask questions. And to continue receiving Reiju, a special Reiki Blessing to support you in your practice and life journey. You can see more about Online Reiki Practice Days Classes click here.