My Experience with Reiki is not so easy to put into words, but I’ll try :-)…

As I relax my body and mind, “tuning into” the subtle Reiki energies, I begin to go into a receptive mode…
time and space melt away, and there is a conscious uniting within and around of the sacred life force energies. I feel such a limitless…(hmm, what words can describe?)…limitless ebbs and flows with the breath, of all that is…And there is such an effortless, peacefully enjoyable beyond words, gentle yet profound, amazing feeling of unconditional love and peace within and around. An experience of beautiful, harmonious, limitless expansiveness.

And at the same time it’s as if there is a mingling of all that I so love, all is present, within and around.

As I begin to come back into this time and space, there is a profound feeling of love, peace, joy, harmony and clarity. It’s as if the Divine and I in my humanness have harmoniously become one in peace and gratitude and quiet joy.

As I return to my day in the busyness of my mind and doing, I’m much more renewed to focus with clarity, space, centeredness, authenticity and a bird’s eye view. Opening to new understanding and ideas that fit a situation, become more win-win perceptions and creative unfoldings.

And I feel a bright light, strength, new guidance, peace and relief.  New wonderful adventures and people, are more harmoniously within my days. I don’t mean bliss without contrast. But the contrasts become easier, more manageable, I’m more “conscious” with Inner Resources helping to support and guide in each moment, each encounter, emotion, reaction, decision and body sensations. And all are more interesting.

My “monkey mind” (Buddhist term for busy mind with “loops” and constant thoughts) are less. Life seems simpler, easier, more enjoyable, creative, flexible and harmonious. I feel the Graces I need for the day, or the next moment and challenges, or absolute delight in seeing things I hadn’t seen before. That amazing, “I’m in love” feeling is throughout my body, in all my cells :), mind and feelings.

Some days when I’m feeling more stress or challenge (overwhelm, worry, fear in the present or future, concern for a loved one, if simply tired, or hurt, annoyed or frustrated…ya know, all that “fun” stuff…oy! :), my Reiki experience is much more “in reality”. At least the reality I’m perceiving in the moment! And it can take a lot of focus and sometimes emoting and processing to try and perceive the bigger picture! Gratefully through cultivating my Reiki practice, “recovery” is not too far away. Experiencing Reiki in these times/moments, brings me enough inner quiet (conscious connection to my Inner Resources to “hear” what I need to give me enough relief for the next moment, and the next, and better in the next…

Or, the Sacred Life Force Energy soothes, cares and nurtures me within with acceptance, honor and validating, compassion and love, and slowly being able to “see” what I need. And from there slowly understanding, wisdom and compassion grow and restore, freshen and open my perception. It’s like receiving Gifts and Treasures, even if at times a glimpse, of insights. These Gifts help me see a bigger pictures as well as the specifics of a situation, loosening my mind “loops” (habits of worries, fears or upset) as if a Bright Light is being Shone on them.

There are countless Gifts that come through in a Reiki experience, beyond words to describe. It’s as if I’m consciously Uniting with the Divine within and with all living things. And the Gifts and Treasures increase over time.

Many people after Receiving Reiki will slowly open their eyes, and softly though very brightly smile and say, “That was amazing!”

Reiki, sacred life force energy, is everywhere. Every human, animal, plant, throughout the earth, throughout the cosmos, and in the tiniest molecule.

A translation for breath is spirit. Our precious bodies, every molecule needs our breath, our connection to spirit, every inhale and exhale. Anyone and everything can receive and offer Reiki, sacred life force energy. In our humanness, our personalities, we experience emotions and reactions, worries, anxieties and habits; anger, annoyances, frustrations and upsets, pain in body and mind, and grief. We sometimes lose our way to feeling relief or better. Sometimes we become blocked, or easily overwhelmed and contracted. It can be quite a challenge to just feel good again.

Reiki is often a very subtly felt energy, though we are never without it in our core, every cell of our body, and within each situation and experience. As we “tune in” to the Reiki, even if we are newer at it, as we Receive and practice, we cultivate and increase this Beautiful Sacred Energy within and around us. We can “tune into” the sacred life force energy and receive whatever it is we are needing or wanting for relief, relaxing, renewing and restoring our nervous system, releasing more of our unhelpful habits (i.e. excess worry) even if not conscious of it. It can become more natural to see a larger perspecitive, create fresh, or realize deeper gained wisdom from experience… In the moment, in the situation, in the dream :-), or whatever it is.

Reiki is always there as our innate Inner Resource. It is AMAZING!

Now over to you! I’d love to hear about your experiences with Reiki! If you’d like, please contact me here.