Like many of you, I’ve been quite privileged to have one of the traits I came into this life with, as having a natural desire to care-give, or give careingly. I believe it’s like all our “Gifts”, for better mostly, and sometimes for challenge :-).

Before learning, experiencing and practicing Reiki, I used to think that caregiving for another having their own challenge, meant to give of myself to another my love and support. And I often received more than I gave. It felt so good to give, yet sometimes I’d feel drained, and if there was a greater challenge, I could easily become exhausted before I knew it.
Sound familiar?

In Reiki we learn beautiful meditations like Joshin Kokkyho, to tune in and cultivate the Sacred life energies within and around us, through our breath, our mind and our body. Different than our mind and body, our breath is constant. We practice breathing in Reiki, and exhale expanding Reiki out so we are receiving and building, constantly through our breath and focus. This builds our sacred life force energy within.
This also develops a way to always have access to continual deep self care and nurturing, whatever that might mean for us in the moment. Once we’ve learned to tune in, Reiki is always consciously available, it’s “always raining” love and care from within.

And when we are giving care out of continual fullness of our feeling Connected, cared for and nurtured, we not only retain our strength, centeredness, balance and clarity, we gain as we are receiving within. So as we give care we are giving out of receiving continual overflow of sacred life force energy, rather than just our own energy alone.

This beautiful, amazing Reiki meditation is simple to learn, and through continual practice is profoundly healing, opening and relaxing for body and mind. This naturally leads to opening wonderful adventures in relationships with more harmony and more fun! (This is not to say perfection, but rather notably, sustainingly, positively different with Reiki within and around!)

We learn, experience and practice this beautiful meditation and technique as part of Reiki First Degree. Anyone can learn. It’s simple, yet profoundly life-changing.

Now over to you! What’s your experience with self-care, caregiving and Reiki? Contact me to share your experience!